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Diva Blog Network 2006-07-24T22:44:43Z WordPress Diva Network <![CDATA[DBN Welcomes Bod Mod Online]]> 2006-07-24T22:44:43Z 2006-07-24T22:44:43Z Bod Mod Online is a brand new blog to the blogosphere, and Diva Blog Network is happy to welcome Bod Mod Online to our network of blogs.

BMO is a new blog that provides news, resources and general information in the area of body modification. Everything from body piercing, techniques, safety, tattooing, news, resources and everything in between.

Welcome Aboard!

Diva Network <![CDATA[Just My Garden - Picked up by iVillage]]> 2006-05-31T23:40:45Z 2006-05-31T23:14:19Z We’re happy to report that our very own Just My Garden blog - part of the Diva Blog Network was noticed by iVillage’s Garden Web and added to their Garden Voices garden blog directory!

Just My Garden has been covering quite a few gardening topics and resources - - ’tis the season after all!

Check out the latest posts off in the right side bar ————>

Go, Go - Garden Diva!

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Diva Network <![CDATA[DBN does Thursday Thirteen - Gardening, Dieting and Celebrity Gossip, oh my!]]> 2006-05-31T23:40:29Z 2006-05-25T22:21:04Z The Diva Blog Netwok is a HUGE fan of the weekly MeMe! Leanne has created a wonderful thing over there - and so far three of our own blogs participate - with more to join in the future.

If you don’t know what the Thursday Thirteen MeMe is - go check out the main website and while you’re there - - check out this week’s participation thread and see just how many folks have joined in the fun! It’s really a great way to distribute and share information about yourself, your interests, hobbies and weekly activities in life.

On the DBN Network we’ve shared the following 13’s:

Excellent stuff! Drop by as many ‘thirteeners’ as you can and to see what’s going on out there in the blogosphere…and beyond!

Diva Network <![CDATA[Diva Blog Network]]> 2006-05-31T23:40:15Z 2006-05-23T15:11:10Z The decision was made to make a portal page for all of the blogs in the Diva Blog Network. At the very least - it’s easier for me to keep track of them that way!

Let me introduce you to the Diva Blog Network - one blog at a time:

  • Diva Dish - an emerging celebrity gossip and entertainment news blog with a brand new Celebrity Gossip Forum. Diva indulges in the sin of celebrity gossip - and has fun doing it! You’ll find news on some of your favorite (and maybe not so favorite) celebs, as well as a weeky gossip snarkfest on Thursdays, as she participates in the ever popular Thursday Thirteen MeMe - with a Diva Twist
  • Weigh In - tales of a size 8 wannabe. Here we find a personal journey of weight loss, dieting and fitness coupled with some resources, news and sharing of information through interaction with readers and visitors.
  • Uptown Girls is all about shopping, shoes, clothing, handbags, fashion trends and news. Twice a month, Uptown Girls runs interactive reader polls to see what the fashion opinions are out there in the blogosphere.
  • American Bride is all about weddings, wedding planning and everything bridal (and groom-al, for that matter!). Planning the special day or know someone who is? Or maybe you had so much fun and great ideas planning your own special day you just want to stop by and share your two cents on the matter?
  • Just My Garden is a blog written by a gardening enthusist who is slowly but surely covering all things garden! Personal gardening experiences mixed with useful resources, information and tips make it a vital bookmark for gardeners everywhere!
  • Domesticated Diva - another home-focused with the emphasis on home improvement, home repairs, cleaning tips and obscure information about all sorts of do-it-yourself projects and repairs

The Diva Blog Network is relatively new - our oldest blog dating back to December 2005. We call it a blog network only because it’s a network of blogs run by bloggers who love to blog. We’re not an ‘official’ blog network (of the type) - - we seek no applicants, offer no revenue sharing or job opportunities. We just are here and we’re just blogging.

Also - pardon our dust while we finish configuring stuff around here - - including the design and formatting of the site. Other than all that? Welcome!